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According to the United States Department of Labor, African-Americans spend over 750 billion dollars annually in the United States economy. However, only approximately ONE percent (1 %) or 7.5 billion dollars of that money actually stays in the African-American community. Some economists believe that by the year 2015 African-Americans will have over One Trillion dollars in economic spending power. This spending power is tremendous and is actually more than most countries in the world. We believe that African-Americans need to keep more of that 750 billion dollars in the African-American community. By keeping more of the economic power in the African-American community it will create jobs, economic opportunities, and will stimulate growth and the regentrification of the community.

Over 70 percent of African-Americans use the Internet on a daily basis. What better way is there to reach potential customers than through the Internet?

The Afrocities' websites have been set up and designed to use the power of the Internet to connect consumers with African-American businesses thereby increasing the amount of money retained by African-American businesses and in the African-American community.

AfroCities offers Equal Opportunity Selection

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